Julia McBryant

Julia McBryant

Julia McBryant lives in the prettiest city in the whole world with her roving nebula of German Shepherds. Southern-born, Southern-bred, and when she dies, she’ll be Southern dead, Julia loves gold glitter, brand-new pens her children haven’t stolen, and notebooks full of character details.

Julia’s Newest Release

Audie’s finally escaped the hell of his parents’ homophobic home in Charleston to build a real, lasting romance with Calhoun in Savannah. But Charleston suddenly shows up on his doorstep when the couple is forced into playing parents to Audie’s gay cousin, beaten bloody and disowned for his sexuality. Audie has to confront his demons head-on — with a misbehaving, committed hedonist of a cousin in tow. Calhoun’s tired of acting like the mean dad. Audie’s breaking into pieces. For the sake of Audie’s cousin, their relationship — and some very unwelcome news from Audie’s father — they have to untangle this miserable knot. Somehow.
Another true-love romance filled with lyrical prose from author Julia McBryant, All the Little Lights brings the angst, hurt/comfort, high heat, and eventual HEA Audie and Calhoun deserve.

Toby Wise

Toby Wise is a stay at home parent who hails from a small town in Wisconsin. They grew up loving to write but fell away from their passion once they became an adult. Thankfully, the world of fanfiction drew them back, forcing them to write about a pair of idiots falling in love (and sometimes engaging in acts of debauchery). As they started up their journey of writing once more, they realized there were a plethora of characters in their head that needed their story told, birthing ‘A Collection of Strays’.
When Toby isn’t writing fanfiction or original books, they’re likely chugging coffee and shaking their head at their kiddo.

Toby’s Newest Release

This wasn’t supposed to be in the cards for me, yet here I am, with not one but two mates. Lady Fate has a sick sense of humor that apparently rivals my own. Looks like it’s Present Cameron’s problem now. ~ Cameron

My near-constant state of mind is worry. Can you blame me when I have two beautiful and amazing mates in my life? They’re quick to reassure me and with their help, just maybe I can learn to trust that Lady Fate knew what she was doing bringing us together. ~ River

I never imagined anything being as special as meeting River until I met Cameron. River is my gentle giant, Cameron a sassy menace, and my heart is instantly charmed. They complete me while encouraging me to be the best version of myself. It’s easy to see why Lady Fate pushed us together. ~ Jace

Lee Quail

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Writing passionately about gay men. My books are action-packed rollercoasters featuring alpha males and their adventures. Some will be dystopian, others romantic, and some dramatic. Some will be coming out, or finding love or just cruising through life, but all will be extraordinary and call you to take that awesome journey with them.

Lee’s Newest Release

Rawson Curisco and Edward Canton live an idyllic life in the Drakensberg (Mountain of the Dragon). But that idyllic life is interrupted when Edward’s estranged father, Lieutenant Gregory Basye Sander visits to celebrate their first anniversary. Gregory is 48, a pilot in the South African Airforce, and he’s not out. During this visit, he meets 27-year-old Detective Shane Devin. From the moment of their meeting, there is trouble in heaven. Small vignettes of deception blot Gregory and Shane’s relationship with insecurity, but neither of them could have foreseen the final, tragic outcome of a deception much larger than they could ever have imagined.

It will lead them into a world of insanity and fear.

Colette Davison

Colette Davison

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children, and her writing.

Colette’s Newest Release

Can second chance love survive past trauma?

Reece has one goal: to compete in the Olympic Games. With the gymnastics World Championships looming, his dream is one step closer to becoming a reality.

When his childhood sweetheart, Alex, walks back into his life unexpectedly, Reece’s world is turned upside down. Alex was the boy who inexplicably pushed him away and broke his heart; the boy he still loves.

When the truth behind their break-up is revealed, Reece wants to hold Alex up and give him the strength to heal.

But can Reece be Alex’s rock, and remain focused on his training, or will his Olympic dreams suffer in the process?

Hold Me Up is a MM second chance romance, with a slow-burn relationship and lots of hurt/comfort. It’s the first in a series of books that follows male artistic gymnasts as they chase gold.

Trigger warnings: Hold Me Up features a character who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, due to a past event that is briefly described.

EM Leya

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E.M. Leya lives in Utah with her daughter and many pets. When she isn’t writing, she is probably spending her time outdoors, camping, hiking or swimming. She has over 60 books released in varying genres from Christian romance to erotic fiction.

EM’s Newest Release

Kicked out of the house at sixteen for being gay, Seth has learned how to make a life for himself on the streets. Now, at twenty-one, he has seen both the good and bad of society as he’s struggled to survive.

Gentry Steele is a household name in America. Everyone knows him. He pulled himself from poverty to wealth by pure luck. He has everything anyone could ever ask for, apart from the one thing he’s always wanted, love.

At the wedding of a mutual friend, Gentry saves Seth from a trip to jail. The simple act turns into a weekend of passion and pleasure that neither can forget. One weekend isn’t enough.

As the two spend time together, they find they have more in common than they thought, and that their goals aren’t so different.

Determined to make parents who kick their children out of the house pay for what they’ve done, Gentry and Seth find that money doesn’t matter and that what they create together is more important than anything they’ve done in the past.